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Inlet Strainers

Inlet Strainers

Prevent unwanted leaves and debris from entering your tank. It is important to ensure the strainer remains clean to ensure the best possible quality of water in your tank. Replacement strainers are available in a range of sizes to fit most tanks. The stainless steel fine aperature mesh provides a long lasting inlet strainer.

  • Features

    • Stainless steel fine aperature mesh
    • Insect and mosquito proof
    • Prevent sticks, leaves, birds and debris from entering your tank


  • Sizes

    • 200mm
    • 300mm
    • 400mm
    • 500mm



    400mm strainer fits all round Global Poly Tanks new and old.

    300mm strainer fits all slim line Global Poly Tanks.

  • Recommendations

    To prevent sediment from enetering the tank it is recommended to use other pre-filtration products such as first flush diverters and rain heads. These product help prevent to debris from reaching the strainer in the first place resulting in cleaner, beter quality water.


    A Strainer Cover is also recommended to be fitted over the inlet strainer.

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