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  1. Ensure that your site is prepared prior to delivery and is capable of supporting the full weight and diameter of your tank across its entire base - see Site Preparation instructions.

  2. It is your responsibility to ensure there is adequate clearance through gateways, driveways and under trees to gain access to the site. The delivery vehicle may be a combination of truck and trailer up to 19 metres in length, 3.5 metres wide and up to 4.5 metres in height.

  3. The truck will not cross paddocks or unpaved areas where there is a risk of getting bogged. This decision is at the discretion of our driver. If the site is not accessible, the tanks will be unloaded at the closest suitable location.

  4. It is the purchasers' responsibility to provide the appropriate assistance when unloading and positioning your new tank on site. Global Poly Water Tanks will deliver to your property and unload your new tank conditional upon this assistance being provided. The ability to position the tank on the provided site will be at the sole discretion of the delivery driver. 

  5. Once the tank is received, tie it down or fill with at least 25mm depth of water to prevent it being blown around in high winds. This is your responsibility.

Global Poly Water Tanks Delivery Terms and Conditions

Global Poly Water Tanks will deliver the water tank to the customers property on a date and time confirmed with the customer when the appropriate full load of tanks is being delivered in the customers requested area.


The Global Poly Water Tanks delivery driver will endeavor to place the tank on the customers adequately prepared site providing clear access is provided for a long wheels base medium rigid truck. The delivery diver will not take the truck across paddocks or along any track that fails to provide adequate overhead clearance or a suitable base for a heavy vehicle. If the Global Poly Water Tanks delivery driver deems the site inaccessible for his vehicle or that the site presents a physical risk, he may refuse to place the tank on site. The water tank will then be unloaded in a safe position within the customers property. If the tank site is below ground level, on a steep site or situated on an elevated stand, placement of the water tank on such site is the customers responsibility.

Once the tank is unloaded the delivery driver will ask the customer where the tank outlet / valve is to be installed. If the customer elects not to have the outlet / valve installed at this time, Global Poly Water Tanks staff will not return to install these fittings except at additional expense to the customer.

The Global Poly Water Tanks delivery driver will require assistance to unload your tank and place onto site (if possible). Please note that all deliveries require a minimum of 1 person on site at time of delivery to assist and accept delivery of the product. Global Poly Water Tanks will help place your water tank onto site provided the following helpers are provided.

490 Litre – 10,000 Litre poly water tanks require 1 able bodied person plus the delivery driver.

10,000 Litre fire tanks require 2 able bodied people plus the delivery driver.


11,000 Litre - 22,700 Litre poly water tanks require 3 able bodied people plus the delivery driver. 

If the above helpers are not provided to assist in siting of your water tank, the tank will be left on its side in the safest position available within the customers property.

The number of helpers required has been arrived at with the guidance of Workplace Standards Tasmania and under no circumstance will the tank be placed onto site by Global Poly Water Tanks employees if the required assistance is not provided.

Payment in full for the invoiced amount is due upon delivery.

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