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490L Poly Water Tank

(100 Gallons)

Diameter: 820mm

Inlet Height: 1100mm

Total Height: 1100mm

Shape: Round

Type: Polyethylene


Ideal for small spaces the 490 litre round poly tank takes up a small footprint of 820mm. It is suitable for ground or stand installations and coupled with a tap is commonly found in applications such as drinking water or small garden watering.

This tank is available in our full range of colours based on the Colourbond range.

Enquire now about pick up or delivery availablity.

  • Food Grade Polyethelene

  • Suitable for drinking water

  • UV Stabilised

  • Manufactured to AS/NZS:4766

  • One piece construction

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Tasmanian Made

  • Huge range of colours

  • Standard Inclusions



This tank will arrive pre-fitted with our standard inclusive fittings allowing for an easy, simple installation.


An inlet strainer with stainless steel mesh will prevent leaves and debris from entering the tank. The overflow fitting allows the tank water to escape when the tank is full, rather than spilling from the inlet strainer. A 25mm (1") outlet and ball valve are provided to for easy connection to your main points of use. Eg. Taps. Alternatively you can ask for a lever tap for easy connection to a garden hose or filling a bucker, watering can etc.

  • Inlet Strainer

  • Overflow

  • 25mm Outlet

  • 25mm Ball Valve or Tap

  • Custom fit-outs available


Color range for poly water tanks only, excluding galvanised fire tanks. While every effort has been made to ensure the colours are represented accurately they may display differently on your screen, if you need help matching a particular colour please get in contact with us.

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