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Fire Cube 900 L Water Cartage Tank Plus Pump and Reel Skid

Fire Cube 900 L Water Cartage Tank Plus Pump and Reel Skid


900L Fire Cube Water Transfer Tank suitable for Fire Fighting, Water Cartage, Irrigation and more!


This item is a separate tank and standalone skid for the pump and hose reel giving you the flexibility to suit a variety of applications.


Tank Dimensions:

Width: 1160mm

Length: 1450mm

Height: 880mm 


Skid Dimensions:

Width: 450mm

Length: 1500mm

Height: 500mm 


    Rototuff™ RT705UV* Polyethylene

    UV Stabilised suitable for Food Contact Use, AS 2070-1999.

    One piece construction

    Tasmanian Manufactured

    Manuafactured In Bright Blue for high visibility

    Polyethylene suitable for Food Contact Use, AS 2070-1999


    Product Type Engine Driven Pump
    Brand Bianco Pumpz
    Suitable For Fire Fighting
    Fuel Petrol
    Hp 6.5 Hp
    Max Flow (L/min) 330 L/m
    Max Head (m) 55m
    Powered Fuel
    Warranty (months) 36 Months

    BIA-HP15ABS Fire Fighting Pump

    36mm Hose Reel with Nozzle

    450mm Screw Lid

    In-Tank 40mm Hansen Foot Valve

    Quality Hardware and Fittings

    Outlet for Drainage

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